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February was EHS’s Annual Chili Cook-Off. The aroma of many kinds of very tasty chilis filled the Auditorium and we all filled many little Styrofoam cups of chili samples: vegetarian, carnivorian, with beans and without, even a chili spiked with kale leaves, the “new” big name vegetable. There were several different kinds of cornbread, too, to sop up the juices. It was a fancy, and a welcome one, from my grandmother’s chili: canned beans, hamburger, canned tomatoes, one onion for the whole pot and a sprinkle of black pepper, if we were lucky. The actual chili collection of spices was not part of her kitchen – ever, but she did serve it on a baked potato and I heartily recommend that, well roasted with butter and sour cream.

To many cheers, Kitty Phillips’ chili took the evening’s honors. We thank you, Kitty, for being such a good cook and we thank all the rest of you cook-donors for your very edible and creditable chili efforts. Chili is just such a super dish - top of the food pyramid!

This month features another of EHS’s annual events: The Auction of All Things Herbal. Auctioneers will be

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Mounts Botanical Garden’s


by Donnie Brown and Ingrid Menz

With a little help from their friends, The Evening Herb Society and Mounts Botanical Garden threw open the Garden’s gates for their herb event on Saturday, February 15, from 10 am to 3 pm. The “For the Love of Herbs” was announced with Mounts dedicating the January-April issue of the “Leaflet” bulletin to plants of well-being (herbal plants) in honor of the official opening and dedication of what was our Herb Garden; henceforth known as the Garden of Well Being. The big day also featured the official opening of the Begonia Border, replacing the hurricane destroyed Begonia Garden and the Garden of Extreme

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Written by Donnie Brown  

FOR THE LOVE OF HERBS at Mounts Botanical Garden on Saturday, February 15, 2014, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Hutcheson Auditorium and Portico and in the Garden: Free for Mounts members, $10 for the rest of us. To register, call the Mounts at 561-233-1796.

The Mounts celebrates all uses of herbs with special lectures, demonstrations, culinary treats from gourmet truck vendors and an opportunity to purchase herb-centric items like herb and spice blends, preserves, plants, oil and vinegars, and soaps made or grown by herb enthusiasts. The Evening Herb Society will be selling herb cookies

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Greetings All,
November’s meeting; our annual “hands on” workshop is always a fun event. This year after numerous requests, we decided to re-visit making herbal vinegars. EHS will provide the bottles and vinegar, some fresh herbs and dried spices as well. We ask that our members go through your gardens and bring cutting of what is growing right now to add to this program. Most herbs are great for vinegar, from basil, parsley and thyme, to fresh lemongrass, ginger and hot peppers. The ideas are endless!

Next month is our Holiday Potluck Dinner. The date is the second Tuesday of December. Tuesday December 10th. Door will open at 6pm.

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Greetings All,

This month we have a great meeting in store for us! A few of us from EHS were able to go to The Florida Herb Conference back in February, held in Deleon Springs near Daytona. While we were there all of us attended a lecture by Katie Haley. Once Katie started talking we all immediately looked at each other and mouthed “We need to get her for one of our meetings!.” Poor Katie, we all surrounded her afterwards with question after question… I am so happy she is coming to us this month, I believe everyone who attends will be as thrilled as we were.

Cosmic Flower Aromatherapy Inc. is Katie’s business, her talk is titled ‘the Top 10 Essential Oils for your medicine cabinet”,

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Upcoming events

West Palm Beach,
26 April 2014
at 09:00

Discover the joy of gardening at our annual Spring Plant Sale featuring over 80 vendors with an amazing assortment of plants and goods. Rare and hard-to- find palms, orchids, bamboo, begonias, bromeliads, fruit trees and many other types of plants will be for sale. This is a great opportunity to...

West Palm Beach,
29 April 2014
at 19:00

Topic: Chris Rollins, of the Fruit & Spice Park, Homestead, FL, on "Tropical Herbs & Spices for South Florida"   *Herb of the Month:  Aloe Vera  *Tasting table: Tropical Herb Dishes  *Tea service: Donnie

West Palm Beach,
27 May 2014
at 19:00

Topic: Herb of the Year (Artemisia) presented by EHS Board   *Herb of the Month:  Artemisia  *Tasting table: TBA *Tea service: Ingrid

West Palm Beach,
24 June 2014
at 19:00

Topic: Elizabeth Hoffman, Master Naturalist, on "Incorporating Native Plants in Your Landscape"   *Herb of the Month:  TBA  *Tasting table: Hot-Pepper-inspired dishes *Tea service:TBA