Upcoming events

29 May 2018
at 19:00

Topic: EHS Board Presents: Herb of the Year: Hops    *Herb of the Month: Hops  *Tasting table: TBA  *Tea service: TBA

26 June 2018
at 19:00

Topic: TBA  *Herb of the Month: TBA  *Tasting table: TBA  *Tea service: TBA

A little help for our friends

The Delray Beach Children’s Garden

The Delray Beach Children's Garden is the only Community Children’s Garden in Palm Beach County. It is designed and built by children. As adults we serve as guides and lead our little off-spring down the garden path to knowledge and interaction with the natural and garden world.

Our plan has been approved by the city, which means we are now in the planting and building stage. We would love to have the assistance of

There's Rosemary for Remembrance

Petra Russel's husband

A delightful, enthusiastic member of both Evening Herb Society and a Board Member of the Begonia Society, Petra Russell, lost her dear husband suddenly and unexpectedly, just as he was moving everything from their New York place down to Florida. At the same time, their daughter

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Jerry Moorehead

introduced to Evening Herb by his friends, members Lynn and Walter Smelt. He made his mark as a willing “guy” member, opening bottles and things that resisted female’s hands, helping in clean-up, and regularly bringing a multi-flavored cheesecakes to the Tasting Table. He promised to bring one

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