we hadn’t known, more so, hops became much more than just that herb that’s used in making beer. Leslie Rigg, Meg Vandereedt and Marci Green added their own research to the information available from the International Herb Association’s 2018 book of the year. Mary added to our knowledge with her newsletter Herb of the Month article.

We had a “tasty” Tasting Table, and a good crowd of members to taste Marci’s hops lemonade that had a bit of a bite to it, just like (maybe?) beer does? Also the Sauerkraut and hot dogs cooked in beer were the highlight of the tasting table.

This month, June 26th, features Tom Hewitt’s presentation on using plants and transforming them into potpourri, a wonderful room scent sensation that one can mix up to one’s own taste. The EHS takes a summer break and comes back on September 25th with horticulturist Jeannie Farnsworth, co-founder of the wonderful Delray Beach’s Children’s Garden. Jeannie and the Garden are featured in the June issue of “The Coastal Star,” a monthly newsletter that I always look forward to. It’s delivered to homes east of the Intercoastal, is often found in stacks in restaurants like John G’s and you can get a subscription for town news, along Palm Beach County’s cost line (great calendar events too!)

It’s to be hoped that we all have a delicious summer, not too much of anything (especially hurricanes!) and a lot of us will revel in the forthcoming royal Poinciana bloom which is so spectacular, especially in the older sections of West Palm Beach, and, of course, Miami and the Keys.

So, enjoy whatever you do this summer and be sure not to miss our September meeting.

Donnie Brown, President